School resources by age

We have loads of fabulous school resources for you, and the kids on our site. Whether you are a class teacher, a mum, a dad, or a homeschooler, there is something for every age group. We cover everything from:

  • Babies,
  • Toddlers,
  • Preschool or kindergarten,
  • Primary or Grade school, and even
  • Some secondary and senior school resources.

Within this section you will found our resources grouped by age, to make it easier to find the home and school resources to fit your child.

We have tried to give a broad range of resources within a numbers of different learning outcomes, from STEM to Maths, and literacy, we have everything covered for you all. We also have eBooks, and resources that combine colouring, with other mental health and learning outcomes, to encourage children to learn and be mindful in the same activity.

These resources can be used to help children with:

  • Learning outcomes,
  • Organising themselves,
  • Improving motor skills and pencil control,
  • Mark-making and handwriting,
  • Literacy, phonics, early reading, and language development,
  • Science and STEM-based skills, and
  • Creativity, including creative writing, and problem solving.

If you aren’t sure what activities are suitable for your class or children, do take a look at the categories we have focused on each learning outcomes. You can also contact us too, and we can point you in the right direction for the resources that work best for you too.

The resources vary in costs, starting at only 99p for our morning routine printable to £5.99 for some of the more complex eBooks, and colouring that we have in our library.

Every month, we commit to releasing 4-6 more printables, focused on kids activities, or organisation for mums/dads/teachers. If you would like to get these for free, do consider our subscription service, which enables you to access everything in our printables library without additional charges.

Showing 1–12 of 108 results

Showing 1–12 of 108 results