If you have teens, or you are teaching them, you will know that there is nothing that prepares you for the approaching teenage years. From teen tantrums, to monosyllabic answers, and social media deadlock.

You won’t get it, until you are in it!

We have created what we can to help you with those teens, from goal setting, to mindfulness and everything else in between. We have tried to make it that little bit easy to manage, and inspire the teenagers in our lives, that will grow up to be independent adults.

Teens are striving for that independence as they learn those own emotions, and some adults struggle to manage those emotions, so just put yourself in the teens shoes, and you can see just how difficult it might be?

The emphasis on our site is around mindfulness, and so it pays to understand the mind of a teen, and to empathise with them when choosing activities that they might be interested in.

We would do well to see things from their perspective while we work and inspire with them.

Teens communicate, and interact very differently to have we might have done when we were growing up, so let’s bear this in mind when we are chatting and engaging them with. We promise it’ll make for an easier life, particularly around social media and technology. Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram weren’t around a few years ago, and they have changed communication amongst teens, sometimes for good, and sometimes not!

Check out the resources that we have around activities, and organisation for teens, and see if there is something that will help your teen / classrooms engage, and open up.

As always, if you would like to see a specific resource, just let us know, and we can see what we can do for you too.

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results