Advent calendar days until Christmas activity for kids


Are you looking for an advent calendar that you can personalise as well as make with the kids? Then this is for you!

We have a lovely advent calenadar for you to download. And it’s editable, too! Which means that you can personlise it by adding your kids name, or your family surname. This is so lovely and not only do we have the calendar but we walk you through how to personalise this activity for your kids.

Your download includes;

  • A printable advent calednar craft for kids.

You get the opportunity to download this printable 3 times for the same price, so why not buy yours and use it for your children or gift it to other kids in your family, too.


We have a lovely little activity for the kids here – and it is just £1.99! Make an editable advent calendar for them to help them count down the days until Christmas. Counting down to Christmas is something that the kids look forward to and why not make it even more special by giving them this adorable advent calendar.

It is really simple to use, all you need to do is;

  1. Print out the advent calendar template,
  2. Find two clothes pegs, or crafting pegs, whichever you prefer, or you have enough room for. This is designed to be printed on A4 paper, but you could try A3 if you have some,
  3. Cut own the circular numbers on sheets two and three of the template,
  4. Glue the pegs onto the sheet, making sure that there is room for you to attached the numbers to the end of the pegs,
  5. Pop the right number in there, depending on what day in December you are, and
  6. There you have it, your advent calendar craft that helps to know how many days there are until Christmas. Make sure you turn it over every single day with the kids. 

As you can see, it’s so simple and it’s so cute to make. It is a lovely activity to make with the kids as well as something that creates some excitement in the lead up to Christmas. 


We also have an article on the site to explain to you how to make this and use this in much more detail. So after you get your download do have a look.

How else can you use the calendar?

Here’s how:

  • Stick it on the wall in your kids bedroom, 
  • Or why not stick it to their bedroom door,
  • Add it to a frame and keep it near the tree, and,
  • Consider printing it on cardstock and adding a magent to the back to stick your advent calendar onto the fridge.


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