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This printable game is great for New Year and beyond – why not join our free Time to Pee club and download it today. Find out what’s been the best and worst of your year; great as a party game, or as a prompt for kids to explore their big feelings.

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Are you after something different, and inspiring to play for New Year, or anytime of year? Then this is for you – we are giving this as an exclusive card game for those that are members of our premium site. This is the perfect printable game for kids as well as adults, and can be adapted to anytime of the year as well, thanks to the blank cards that are included within the 8-page pack.

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Printable card game: Best and worst of the year

There are 30 cards within the pack, and 6 blank ones. 22 of them illustrate the BEST times of the year, and the remaining 8 are focused on some of the harder times from the last 12 months.

You can play this game at the end of the year to look back, alternatively, it is a great party game any time of year, just look back on the previous 12 months. You can use the cards as prompts to help.

In addition, this is a wonderful set of cards to help kids to explore their emotions around some of the things that have happened to them throughout the year. It can be a good way of discussing some of their big feelings.

Don’t feel that this is just about a party game, it can also be a great tool for learning and mindfulness as well. Use it as you see fit, and you’ll be able to adapt and change as needed.

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