Chatterbox template for Christmas


This chatterbox template is perfect for having loads of fun at Christmas. Download it today and enjoy anytime while you celebrate!

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We know that Christmas is the time of year when we all love to get together and play games with each other – so for one of our fabulous printables, we have this gorgeous Chatterbox template for Christmas for you. It’s £5.95 for you now, or FREE if you are a member of our premium site. Almost everything is free in our shop if you sign up to that! SO why don’t you check it out?

What do you get for your Chatterbox template?

Simple, lots of fun! This is the standard chatterbox idea for you and the kids to play, but we have a theme of Which Christmas character are YOU?

There are a few that you can be within the chatterbox, including:

  1. Christmas Bells,
  2. Elf,
  3. Snowman,
  4. Gingerbread Man,
  5. Santa (of course!)
  6. Christmas Lights,
  7. Christmas Stockings, and let’s not forget
  8. Christmas Tree

There are eight options of course because there always are in Chatterbox templates – our Christmas one is no different.

Why not print this out, and play during Christmas dinner, it’ll be so much fun to see what you, and the kids get over your turkey and trimmings?

In case you aren’t sure how to put your chatterbox together, we have made sure that we include instructions within the chatterbox template so that you won’t be stuck in trying to work out how to fold the chatterbox.

Most of us do remember using them when we were kids, but who knows what the mulled wine will do to our memories when it comes to playing the game on Christmas Day? 🤣

Don’t forget to check out some of the other Christmas activities that we have on the site, there are loads of games, and activities for the kids to try. How about our Christmas mandalas coloring pages?


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