Christmas books for kids story cards: 12 days of reading


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We have a lovely printable for you today. Our Christmas Books for kids countdown to the big day is a lovely way to celebrate Christmas with the kids. You can download this for free as part of our premium site. It is free to join that, of course. Alternatively, it is £3.95 as a once off – which is also a bit of a bargain if you don’t fancy giving us your email.

If you want more information on the story cards, visit our main site for full details:

Christmas Books: 12 days of reading with the kids

We have recommended 12 books for you as part of this printable, but there are also 12 cards which are blank so you are able to add in your own titles to make yourself a wonderful set of story cards that you can change every year.

There are beautiful illustrations for the days in our countdown – the numbers are all Christmas themed, as well as the books, making this a special treat for sharing with your children.

If you aren’t sure where to get your Christmas Books for kids, we have a list of suitable books from Amazon. There are twelve titles for you, all with different themes. From a gorgeous story of a tree in new York, to a Little Reindeer and girls’ magical journey on Christmas Night.

There are a couple of books here that are focused on the Christian story, in case you would like to help your children to set Christmas tradition in context.

However, because we also have the blank cards, you are able to change this if you would prefer. There are some wonderful stories here that aren’t focused on the Christmas Story, and look at traditional Christmas values, such as joy, and spending time with your family and friends.

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