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Today we have some gorgeous Christmas letter paper for you to download and use for whatever you would like to! This is £3.95, but FREE to our site members. This is an exclusive design. Do consider joining our premium site, because then almost 90% of the shop is free!

These is more information on this printable on the main site, so do nip over and take a look if you would like to do so:

Christmas stationery printable: Includes envelope

We have designed this stationery with printing in mind, so the colors are light, so that it won’t take up too much of your ink, and the designs are cute, but adorable. That way you won’t have to worry about wasting your printer ink when you print it out.

We have included both an envelope and the Christmas letter paper itself in this design, so that you have everything you need to send some adorable letters to whomever you would like.

How about:

  • Getting your kids to write a little note to Santa to tell him what they would like for Christmas,
  • Get the children to write to your Elf, and maybe ask some questions, or
  • Just write a nice letter to someone that is important in your life, everyone loves a letter,
  • Use the letter as a writing prompt for homeschool or in the classroom. What is the bird up to on the envelope? What would the penguin want for Christmas? And finally,
  • How about a thank you note to the teacher at your school, or someone else that’s been kind to you recently?

We hope you like this lovely paper for Christmas and winter, why not check out some of the other Christmas ideas on the site? We have loads for you to choose from.


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