Color by numbers worksheets: Transportation


We’ve got some gorgeous color by numbers worksheets for you to try with the kids. These are transport themed for train lovers everywhere!

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This is a little different for us – a color by numbers worksheets set of pictures for you to have a play with in whatever context you would like. This set of images has 5 images for you to color in, and this is perfect for little hands and minds! It costs only £5.95, or it is free, as always with our premium site membership. It is FREE to join us, all we need is an email address!

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Included within this color by numbers worksheets printable we have 5 designs for you, all with a transportation focus. We have:

  • Sailboat,
  • Aeroplane,
  • Train,
  • Rocket, and
  • Hot air balloon.

We think you will love these, and so will the kids.

These are a great learning tool for early number recognition in Maths, combining both fine motor skills (coloring), with that early learning to help your little ones to learn without even realising they are.

Why not take a look at some of the other Maths resources that we have on the site, and see if there are other lessons, and activities that you can do with your kids for added fun. One of our favourite resources for Maths, are our number tracing workbooks. Why not take a look?

These coloring by numbers worksheets have 6 different colors in them, which also support pattern recognition, and color matching skills too. So plenty of learning outcomes to work on with this simple set, depending on what your classroom, or home school priorities are.

Alternatively, they are just loads of fun anytime to do! Why no download our color by numbers worksheets today and have loads of fun with the kids? We hope to see you in the shop again soon!


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