Coloring Advent calendar: 25 days of coloring


A lovely alternative to the traditional advent: a coloring Advent calendar with a new coloring sheet for the kids everyday. Download it now.


Are you looking for something a little different to keep the kids entertained up until Christmas Day? Then we’ve got the answer: our original and exclusive coloring advent calendar. It’s £5.95 for you now. If you sign up free to our premium site, you can also see what other goodies we can give you for free on joining. This isn’t included, but there are a lot of other amazing things that are! You will get loads of free printables from our site. Check out our latest goodies here.

For all the details on the advent; check out this article on the main site:

This is a classic – there are 25 days on the advent, with a large coloring page for each, but also a small one page advent with little advent coloring designs for the children to color in.

Take your pick on which one your children would like based on their age, and their patience!

We have loads of different designs included within the coloring page advent – it is PERFECT for you to keep the children busy while you get on with all those much needed preparations for Christmas. Examples of the coloring pages included within the advent are:

  • Gingerbread man,
  • Nutcracker,
  • Snowglobe,
  • Star,
  • Christmas pudding, and
  • Santa – who we have, of course, left until Christmas Day for the kids to color in.

This is a lovely twist on traditional advent calendars, and helps your children to get a little bit creative for Christmas. Some of the designs are simpler, so that they can add their own ideas to them.

If you are looking for other Christmas ideas, do pop along to our Christmas printables section in this shop and see what else we have for you. If you sign up to our premium site, then loads of our shop is free!

Enjoy the coloring in, and come back soon, as we have new fabulous printables and activities for kids every single week.


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