Cute Halloween coloring pages: Coloring book to print


This is a 50-page book of uber cute Halloween coloring pages to keep your kids, or your class busy for a while. Download it today.


We have a fantastic treat or you today – 50 pages of fun! This is a huge comprehensive book of coloring pages for you and the kids to color in and have fun with for Halloween. We are only charge £5.95 for this as well, which is fantastic value given the number of pages that are in this book for you. We have given you a taster of what we have for you in our Halloween coloring book on the main site, but this is a collection of cute Halloween coloring pages to complement what you already downloaded from the site.

Cute Halloween coloring pages: What’s included?

Obviously as we have 50 pages for you here, you would like to know what we’ve got for you, right? Take a look at the product image for a couple of examples of what we are giving you, in addition – here are some of the designs for you in the book:

  • Dressed up fairy carrying a pumpkin treat bucket,
  • Cute vampire,
  • Dressed up child (Pumpkin) carrying another pumpkin treat bucket,
  • Cute vampire sitting on a pumpkin in a wood,
  • Boy dressed as a viking with a pumpkin treat bucket,
  • Cute werewolf,
  • Cute cat with a witches hat,
  • Cute Frankenstein,
  • Three pumpkins stacked up, and
  • Cute spider – he won’t scare the kids we promise!

We could list the lot – but you might get bored!

There is plenty here to keep your kids, and class entertained for the whole of the season and beyond. Download it today for £5.95!

You might want to consider signing up for our premium site generally – this won ‘t be free, BUT about 90% of the site is afterwards. All in return for your email.


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