DIY printable wall calendar


Are you looking for a fun and free printable wall calendar for the school, home or office? We’ve got just what you need – download it today!


This is a free printable days of the week or printable wall calendar for you to use as you wish, either at home, in the office, or at school and in the classroom. It is £3.95, so a bargain!

The idea of this printable wall calendar is to make your own calendar that you can use on a daily basis – it works great in the home office, or even in the classroom too.

For more info – do check out the article on the main site here:

DIY free printable days of the week calendar for home, work or school

Suggestions for using it include:

  • Popping on the wall in the classroom, and adding the day, date, and weather at the start of the day, or even circle time within the classroom,
  • Put on the wall of your office, as the perfect way to start the day when you are working from home,
  • Make it with your kids, and then take it into the office to brighten up your day, and remind you of home, and fun with the kids,
  • Always make sure you do the weather on it every day, so you know what you are aiming to do with that free time that we hope you have over lunch in the office.

The best way to make this work is to use velcro tape on it, that way it is easy to add the days, and the dates, as well as the weather to the chart daily. Why not check out this velcro tape if you don’t have any to hand at the moment?

We hope you like this printable wall calendar idea, we have loads of other calendars and planners on the site, so why not pop over to their respective categories and check them all out?

Cheers for coming to see us and do come back soon.


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