Easter scavenger hunt clues


Looking for a fun Easter scavenger hunt to try with the kids? Then we’ve got it for you. Download our 6 page pack today!

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Easter is always a fun time of year, with chocolate, hunts and lots of fun generally for the kids. We have got you some fabulous Easter scavenger hunt clues for you in our premium site, so why not join us for free today, and download them?

If you aren’t a member of the site, these Easter scavenger hunt clues are £3.95, but do join us as there are loads more activities and inspiration for both you and the kids to enjoy. And the best thing – 90% of it is FREE when you sign up for free too.

The pack consists of 6 pages, with a coversheet, and a copyright notice alongside 3 sheets, containing 12 clues for a scavenger hunt with an Easter theme.

There is also a further sheet with 4 other clues on it, but these are all blank notelets, so you can add your own.

Clues are really simple, and the answers range from the TV, to a wheelbarrow, so there is something for everyone.

You don’t have to use all the clues when you are designing your Easter scavenger hunt. For more details on exactly what you are getting, do take a look at the main site as well if you have time:

Easter egg hunt clues for kids for you to print

The designs include key Easter themes, and lovely pastel colors that are just charming. Some of the illustrated ideas include flowers, Easter bunnies, and of course, Easter eggs.

If you want to access all our wonderful printables, why not consider signing up for our premium site.

Any thoughts on any of our resources, or ideas of what you would like to see on site, do drop us a line too. We love to hear from you all about what resources you need both at home and in the classroom. Tell us what you need, and you never know, we might create it for you!


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