Easter wreath kit to print out


This Easter wreath kit is great to make for your door, or with your kids, or both! Download it today and get crafting with the family now!

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Are you looking to decorate your house with an Easter wreath that you can make yourself, or get the kids to make? If you are, then we’ve got just the craft activity for you with our printable Easter wreath kit that you can download and print today!

This is £5.95 as a once off cost, BUT if you sign up for FREE to our premium site, it won’t cost you a penny! I’d suggest that might be the better option, don’t you think?

In order to make the Easter Wreath kit you need to have minimal crafting skills as we have all the goodies in the kit that you need to create your masterpiece. There are 8 pages, plus a cover, instructions and a copyright notice in this pack. Check out the gallery for examples of what is included.

We’ve got the ring, with an Easter bunny on it, or in a heart shape, alongside loads of decorations that you can add to the wreath in whatever way you would like. You can choose how to build your wreath, and then, of course, decide where you would like to hang it. Perhaps you would like to add it to a door? Or maybe on a wall in the kitchen? Perhaps you are having a party, and you would like to print it out a couple of times to make decorations?

You can even use some of the embellishments that we have within the Easter Wreath kit to make some Easter bunting too – if you want to get a little more creative with the kit that we are providing for you here!

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