Editable 2021 calendar


We have an amazing editable 2021 calendar for kids for you to download from the site – it is only £1.99 and for that, you get a completely editable version for the full year.

Add your own dates, organise your life, school, birthday list, or anything else that you want to – with just this simple printable.

The beauty is that, because it is editable, the calendar does exactly what YOU want it to.

Completely flexible for a year that we really aren’t quite sure what will happen. Making it even easier to help keep the kids, and the family on track.


We have a fabulous editable 2021 calendar for you to download and keep – print out in the comfort of your own home, and add in the dates that are most important to YOU and YOUR family.

The idea of this calendar is that you can get even more organised for 2021 by making sure you never miss an event, or you can use the calendar for specific tasks throughout the year. For example:

  • Making sure you have birthday info for everyone in your family,
  • Printing for the school so you have details of all school events,
  • Sending out monthly to parents with all the school key dates in, and
  • Just planning out each family member’s activities all in one place!

The beauty of this 2021 calendar is that, because this is an editable 2021 calendar, you decide how to use it, and what dates to add to it; making it completely flexible, even though it IS a printable!

The cost of this editable version of our free 2021 calendar is only £1.99, which is less than the cost of a coffee.


How can you put a post on organisation skills for 2021 – you can’t so why not give it a click and make sure that you are supporting charity, at the same time as being even more organised for this year.

The editable calendar includes 12 lovely pictures for each month, alongside the ability to edit every day to add your own special dates.

Themes for each month are:

  • January – Winter woodland,
  • February – Cocoa stand fun,
  • March – Pond dipping
  • April – Growing spring flowers,
  • May – Bee keeping,
  • June – Lemonade stand,
  • July – Mermaids,
  • August – Playing in the garden,
  • September – Making a scarecrow,
  • October – Trick or Treat,
  • November – Sunflowers, and
  • December – By the fireside.

Aren’t the pictures for our 2021 calendar just lovely? We do hope you agree.


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