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Today we have a bit of an organisational treat for you – an editable blank calendar for you to download today to keep you organised and honest for as long as you need! This calendar is only £3.95, and is perfect for making sure you never miss another appointment.

For full details on it, check out the post on the main KiddyCharts site:

Blank calendar template to help organise your life

This is one of a few calendar printables that we have for sale on the site, so do check out the other ones as well – you can never have too much organisation in your life, right?

This product, at a cost of only £3.95, enables you to edit a blank calendar, set out as a month. You can add various different fields to this to suit exactly what you need it for:

  • Year,
  • Month,
  • Main event to remember within the month,
  • Date, and finally
  • Any events on any of the days within the month that you mustn’t forget.

We do have a completely non-editable version for you as well, if you would prefer that – and use your pen or pencil to write the details on. We love the editable blank calendar ourselves though.

If you aren’t sure whether this is for you, check out the gallery images for information on what fields are available to edit. In the full version, the grey won’t print out, this is just to illustrate where the fields appear on the template for you, making things a little bit clearer.

We’d love to see you back on the site again, and remember that if you sign up for our premium Time to Pee club, you will get almost all within the shop for free. Why not give it a go? Note though that this product WON’T be free, we have to make some money for our charity partners you know 😂


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