Elf ideas and tasks for kind kids: Editable pdf


Are you looking for elf ideas that make your life easier. Then you’ve found them! Encourage kindness with your elf. Download and enjoy!

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Christmas is not far away, so you are running out of time! Dinner is done, the kids are in bed, but what about the Elf? Now is the time to think about how to ensure that your Elf will have a fun Christmas after working hard all day. We have 10 Elf ideas sheets for your family to enjoy after Christmas, including a set of blank ones for you to write your own ideas.

The best thing about this is that it is completely editable, and only £5.95. Free if you have a premium site membership and all we need for you to get that is your email address! So don’t forget to check out our free premium site’s resources, as well as this, elf idea and decide whether they are for you.

You can edit:

  • The name on your elf arrivals letter,
  • The name of your elf as he signs that letter,
  • The name on the Santa letter when you are told that you have made it to the nice list, and
  • The days on the blank ideas – so that you can add your own thoughts to the pack as well.

We know how tough it can be at Christmas to come up with ideas for the Elf, and to keep him fun, and fresh. So why not try something a little different and spread a little kindness with this Elf on a Mission pack.

A new elf idea every day to encourage your children to be kind at Christmas. If you want a little more information on this, then do pop over to our main site and check out the article on it. There is a freebie there too – if you don’t want to edit the file, then you don’t need to pay for it!


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