Emotion generator / spinner for Christmas


This emotions generator or spinner is a great way to help kids to understand and talk about their feelings. Check it out now.

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We’ve got something a little bit special for you today, a really great tool to use with special needs, or just generally with children to help them understand their emotions: the emotion generator / spinner.

This is a Christmas themed one, with a Santa and a Reindeer included, but it could be used anytime of year, as it’s a great help to kids everywhere, whatever the season. This is £5.95, but again is free if you have a subscription to our Time to Pee premium club.

How the emotion generator works

The way to use the emotion spinner is simple, all you need to do is:

  • Grab yourself a split pin, or indeed a pencil,
  • Push the split pin through the centre of the spinner, both the top, and the bottom part of the spinner,
  • Making sure you have cut out the window so that you can clearly see which emotion the spinner lands on, and
  • Spin the wheel, and see which emotion the generator lands on!

What you do them is up to you. You can use the emotion generator to:

  • Talk through what each facial expression is,
  • Help the children to understand what those feelings are, AND how they might feel in their body when they are experiencing those emotions,
  • Help them to practise experiencing those emotions in their faces – so for example, what would THEY look like if they were happy or if they were sad, or
  • Get them to name the emotions that Santa and the Reindeer have, to help them to recognise those emotions a little more in other people.

We have a few resources to help kids and adults understand their emotions and mental health, so do check some of them out. What about our mermaid affirmations worksheets?

Do check out some of the mental health coloring worksheets on the site too – and we hope to see you again soon.


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