Favour boxes for your wedding


Are you looking for some favour boxes for your wedding? We’ve got four great designs for you here to download today; including four different ideas. From roses, to wedding rings, daises, and lavender. Buy them all today and choose the one that fits your day best.

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We have the most perfect ideas for you for favour boxes for your wedding, including a heart shaped topper to the boxes thanking those attending the wedding for sharing the memorable day with you.

We have four designs for you – with the image here illustrating one of them as an example. The four designs for the favour boxes are:

  • Small pink roses on a cream background,
  • Yellow daisies, and green foliage on a cream background,
  • Red hearts, white clouds and wedding rings (clearly a more wedding theme here), on a blue background and
  • Lavender on a cream background.

All the the images are across the whole of the boxes. The pack includes the nets for creating them, and a key to help you understand what you need to cut, and where you then need to fold to build the favour boxes.

We have given a range of different colours, on a white background to insure that the boxes will fit with most wedding colour themes. They need to be printed and made up using card stock, as otherwise the boxes won’t be solid enough to include the favour that you are planning to give to your guests. Suitable favours might include:

  • Traditional almonds,
  • Slice of cake,
  • Fortune cookie,
  • Fudge or small chocolates,
  • Small bag of sweets, or
  • Love hearts.

You can of course look for favours that work best for you, but all the above will fit comfortably into the boxes if you print them on A4 sheets. For a bigger favour box, you can print on A3 paper as this is a PDF, so can be adjusted to fit the size of paper that you have loaded within the printer.

These designs are £5.95, unless you have membership to our premium site, in which case they are free!  So why not think about joining today. It’s also free to join; just give us your email, and you are in!


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