Easy coloring pages book: Goldilocks easy coloring


Have fun with these easy coloring pages and allow your kids imagination to take centre stage with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You can download for FREE if you join our premium site too. In this easy coloring pages book your kids can create their own story, add to the original, or just give you their version of the story from what they recall reading.

These pages are a lot of fun for kids, because they can color in their story, too!

We have an easy coloring pages book that you can easily download for the classroom or use at home too.

Here is what your download includes;

  • The front and back book covers, so you can make your book as soon as you print it out,
  • A welcome page,
  • Instructions on how to use the book, and,
  • Six coloring pages with the chance to add your story.

You can also color in the welcome page and the instructions, so there’s lots of coloring fun to be had!

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The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a classic story for kids and one most of us have read or heard of – and this resource is free if you join our premium site. The traditional tale of the three bears; Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear, is a familiar one but have you considered hearing the tale from your kids perspective? Within these easy coloring pages and coloring book your kids will be able to tell you their own take on the tale. 

The activity sheets allows your children to share their take on this fairytale and color in the story as they go. Think of it as a storyboard, with your child being the creator. 

This works for kids of all ages, but preschool children will need your help filling out the story itself and writing things down. Older kids can practice their handwriting, so as you can see, kids of all ages can benefit. 

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As you can see, this activity book is so simple and fun. The illustrations are simple enough for even the youngest kids to colour in. 

Allow your kids to be creative by giving them the chance to come up with their own story derived from the original or even come up with their own story altogether. These easy coloring pages will allow your kids imagination to run wild when creating their story as well as when coloring in their story. The bears can be any color they choose, and they can even add to the images if they choose to do so. 

If you are an educator, this is a perfect classroom add-on to use after your kids have read the story. You can test their retention in a fun way as well as allow them to add any twists to the tale that they choose to. 

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