Halloween crowns


Halloween parties are always so much fun – so why not add to your costume with our printable Halloween crowns. Download them today.


It’s Halloween party season, so you need costumes and decorations for you and the house, don’t you? We’ve got Halloween crowns for you to print out and make with the kids, so you can look the part this year.

We have  six designs for the Halloween crowns to choose from including:

  • Pumpkins,
  • Cute cat,
  • Witches hat,
  • Ghost, and a
  • Skull.

All traditional and fun ideas for you to get into the Halloween spirit with.

How to make your Halloween crowns

Making the crowns is incredibly easy, and you probably don’t even need me to give you the instructions, but just in case:

  1. Print out the templates that we have given you,
  2. Decide which ones you would like to make with the kids,
  3. Colour them in if you would like to, or perhaps even add your child’s name to them if you want,
  4. Cut around the designs,
  5. You can cut an extra strip of paper if you need to, depending on how big you need the crowns to be,
  6. Add the additional strips to fit your kids’ heads. You can use a stapler to fix these together, and
  7. Pop the Halloween crowns on your head, and add to the rest of the costumes that you have decided to use this year.

That’s it – halloween crowns made and worn!

These templates are £5.95 as a standalone product. We are a social enterprise, so if you do decide to join, you can be assured that 51% of the payment goes to charity.

We hope that you like these templates, do let us know, and why not explore some of our other products on the site too?

If you join up for the premium site, you get almost 90% of our shop free free. This product isn’t included, but a lot of them are. Why not sign up and see for yourself!


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