Halloween invites to print and colour in


Are you looking for Halloween invites you can print out and send today? Then we’ve got them for you. Visit and download today.


Are you thinking of having a Halloween party? If you are – then we’ve got the invites for you to use to send out to all your guests!

We have had these designed exclusively for the site, so there is no-one else that will have these. There are four designs to choose from. You can either mix and match the invites for the party, or just print out the design that you prefer the most.

We hope you like our Halloween invite designs, we have all the traditional elements, plus a specially designed slime font for you! We coloured it in green, but we do have the option of your kids having a go too!

When you download these invites, we have given you two sets, one has the colours added to it, but the other lets your children colour these invites in for themselves. Our Halloween invites template has both options for you, so if you want the kids to be involved, then you can get them to help. However, if you don’t have time to get this sorted, then we’ve got you covered and you can simply print out the coloured in versions of the invites.

The four designs that we have included for you are:

  • Pumpkin with a spooky tree,
  • Spiders, and a sneaky little cat – can you spot them?
  • Our slimy design, which includes Halloween goblets, and finally
  • A candy / sweets themed invite for all those that love a bit of trick or treating.

This is charged at £5.95 as a standalone purchase. This represents excellent value we think, particularly when you consider that most of the rest of the site is free, and we are giving 51%+ profits to charity. Why not give us a little support?

You can even join the site, and that’s free, to access most of the shop without charge. Why wouldn’t you give it a go?


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