Halloween luminaries for kids to make


Halloween luminaries to make with the kids using mason jars or any other glass jars. Perfect for decorating the house, or even the front step at Halloween.

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We’ve got a treat for you here – a collection of SIX fantastic Halloween luminaries for you to use in Mason Jars, or other clear jars to add some atmosphere to your Halloween parties, houses, and anything else that you like!

For more details on them, check this post out there:

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We think that you will love these, all with a Halloween village theme, so you can put a few mason jars together to create a spooky scene in the house. We know that you love these kinds of crafts with the kids, and the best thing about these is that they are incredibly simple to do with your children.

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We have included an example of one of the houses within the image gallery so you can get the idea of what is included in each of the designs. But picture turrets, loads of spooky windows, and lots of doors and trees and you are pretty much there!

The basic idea for creating these is:

  • Cut out the designs,
  • Roll them so they fit into the jars,
  • Cut out the organise windows, if you want to though you don’t have to do so, and
  • Add a battery powered tea light or candle to the jars, and add a lid to them as well.

It really is as easy as this to make them with your children. The cutting of the windows might need a little supervision as it can get a bit fiddly, so do be careful with smaller hands here.

We hope you like these, and happy crafting.


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