Ideas for date nights: Lucky dip!


Looking for ideas for date nights? Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you – a lucky dip! Download it now from the site.

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Sometimes you can get stuck in a dating rut – you do the same things when you go out on date nights when you live together. But don’t worry – we’ve solved that for you, and all for the price of a coffee. No you don’t need to buy us one. We just need you to download the ideas for date night lucky dip that we’ve made for you!

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Date night ideas lucky dip for Valentines and beyond

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The is a great little idea, and really simple, We’ve got loads of ideas for date nights on little mini red hearts, and you just print them out. You can either pop them in the box that we have provided for you to make…

Or in you don’t fancy doing that – find yourself a jar, fold up the hearts, and there you have it, a simple lucky dip.

There are loads of different ideas to choose from including:

  • Going to the zoo,
  • Visit a botanical garden,
  • Go on a picnic, and
  • Go out and find a fabulous street vender and eat their food with your partner!

We have also got a load of blank red hearts, as well as some white ones, so you can put some ideas into your box or jar yourself too. We know that you will come up with your own ideas too.

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