Kindergarten writing worksheets: Seasons


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When we make things fun, kids learn. And with that in mind we wanted to bring you a lovely set of kindergarten writing worksheets. This set of worksheets features the seasons and your kids will love them. These worksheets not only teach your kids to trace the words, and write the word twice, and colour in the beautiful illustrations.

What will you get in these worksheets? Let’s have a look, shall we?

Here is what you can expect in your kindergarten writing worksheets;

  • Lovely book covers, so you can make them into proper workbooks,
  • A spring coloring page,
  • A page where your kids write about what they like about spring,
  • A summer scene for kids to color,
  • A prompt for your kids to write and draw what they like about summer,
  • An autumn coloring page,
  • A page for your kids to write their thoughts about the season,
  • A winter coloring scene,
  • Then a sheet for your kids to write about their favourite season, and,
  • Lastly, a sheet for your kids to cut, colour, and paste the scene under the right season.

What do you think? It’s cute, isn’t it?

The kids will be able to delve into the seasons and share with you their favourite season as well as learning more about the seasons. The kids can trace the name of the season and work on their writing and mark making skills, too.

We hope that you like the printable. Did you know that KiddyCharts is a social enterprise? When you support our shop you help us support charity as most of our profit goes to help support our charity of choice.

Download your printable and have fun with the kids! There are a lot of goodies in our shop so do take a look and find some more activities for your kids.


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