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This is a really simple one-pager for kids to help learn their alphabet; it is a bit of a letter puzzle game with a traditional bring me feel! There are a few ways you can play the game to suit the age of your child, and also the equipment that you have.

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Alphabet games: Bring me game for kids

The sheet has all the letters of the alphabet on it, and is available in both color and in black and white, so that if you don’t have great printing facilities, you can print in grey tone. This means you won’t waste the ink either.

Ask your child to go and bring you items that start with any of the letters on the sheet, and cross the letters off as you work through the alphabet.

You can either go through in order, or just do randomly. Why not try and get your child to spell out some of the CVC words as well? This is a great way to both improve their early reading skills, as well as phonics, and letter recognition.

This activity is suitable for a good range of ages as well, from toddler to early years. It is also possible to adapt to make it into a treasure hunt as well, for even more fun. Check the article above for more info on this.

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