Lunchbox jokes for Easter


These lunchbox jokes printable cards are great anytime of year, but the best at Easter as they are all about eggs, bunnies, and Easter fun! Download them for £3.95 today – or join our premium site and they are completely free. It’s free to join the site too.

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We love making lunch a little more fun for the kids – and this is a perfect ideas for them: Lunchbox jokes for Easter. We have a number of cards that you can print out for the kids and hide in their lunchbox so they have a perfect little Easter idea. This is £3.95 if you don’t join our premium site, so why not sign up – it is totally free to join, and then you get 90% of the shop for free!

If they aren’t at school, then just pop them on the table with their Easter egg on Easter morning! Perfect for homeschooling as well – you could even make a little scavenger hunt out of them – or add them to our scavenger hunt when you hide your eggs on Easter morning.

If you want to make sure you are getting some quality jokes, then we are going to give you some of the classic examples of the Easter jokes that we have for you:

  • What do you get if you cross a bee and a bunny? A honey bunny.
  • What do ducks eat for lunch. Cheese and Quackers.
  • How does the Easter bunny stay fit? Egg-cersize.

They are perfect lunchbox jokes for Easter featuring Easter Eggs, Easter bunnies, and chocolate. What more could you ask for to get the kids giggling this Easter?

Adding lunchbox jokes to your kids day is a really simple way of making them smile, so why not give it a go? We know that they’ll love it, and so will their friends as well. Why not add a couple of their lunchbox so they can share with other children at school?

We hope you like these printables. Do check out the other Easter ideas we have on the site for more Easter fun at home, and at school with the kids. 


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