Mental Health Planner


Mental health planner designed to help keep track of moods, activities, anxiety and confidence in order to help develop a positive mindset and improve wellbeing. Set out weekly to help focus on key tasks that improve mental health, such self care. Download it today.


Sometimes we all need a little reminder, or a way of focusing on our mental health to stay positive, and to keep track of how we feel. Being in the moment and mindful of our mental health is important. This weekly mental health planner focuses on a number of activities that help us focus on improving and staying positive, as well as working our what triggers anxiety, mood and lack of confidence.

The planner consists of 5 pages including:

  • Cover sheet,
  • Weekly activity mental health planner to include some of the key self care activities that can help people with a positive mindset, e.g. drinking water, eating three healthy meals a day, yoga activities, good sleep, PLUS a couple of spaces for you to add activities that are specific to YOU,
  • Mood planner; this covers what you are grateful for, details on modd, specific sleep thoughts for the day, thoughts on how you feel, what you have done for self care. This sheet can (of course) be printed for each day, or just filled in on a weekly basis,
  • Anxiety worksheet; focusing on something that specifically made you anxious, so you can work out how you can manage things the next time you experience those feelings. What worked to calm you? Can you do it next time, and
  • Confidence goals; goals to work towards to improve confidence, which can be whatever YOU feel will help you, e.g. making a phone call if you worry about talking on the phone, or going to the shops if this is difficult for you. You work through what is important to you and take it from there.

The mental health planner is FREE as part of the Time to Pee Premium membership (£5.95 a month or £49.95. year), but if bought as a standalone, it is £5.95.


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