Morning routine chart


Getting your kids up and going can be quite a task. That’s why we have created a lovely morning routine for you! Our morning routine is the perfect way to get your kids ready and going to start their day the best way possible.

We know that each family and household are different, so we gave you a few options to choose from that are quite universal, but that you can use in the way that best fits your family.

What your download includes:

  • A morning routine chart, and,
  • Two morning routine pages with morning routine ideas.

Download yours today and make your mornings simple!

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Are you trying to help your children to understand their morning routines before school? Then this back to school morning routine, or just an overall morning routine chart should help to make things a little easier for you. We know how difficult it can be for kids to get going in the mornings, so taking the time to sit through and chat about the morning routine is bound to get them organised and will definitely make mornings more enjoyable in the long run.

Our morning routine gives you the opportunity to organise your mornings using some of the most universal tasks that our children do each morning before getting ready for school. Sure, we know that each family and household is different, so we give you the opportunity to sort the chart out in the way that best fits your family.

For full details – do check out this post: Back to school morning routine.

You have a number of different options to choose from for the morning routine, which can then be printed out and attached to your chart in the order that is specific and personalised for you.

Once you have downloaded your morning routine chart you can …

  • Laminate it and add velcro to the slots on the actual chart and the tasks so you can move them about daily,
  • Spend a day during the weekend planning the next week’s routine, or,
  • Even allow the kids to plan their own routine by changing the order in which they do their morning tasks.

Yes, the last one may appear a bit counter productive to some, but this allows children to feel that they have a say in what is happening as well as allowing them to keep their routine from getting boring. Which we all know can lead to the kids just not going through with things.

Hope this helps make morning routine for you and the kids a lot easier.


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