Nursery wall art: Set of three


Nursery wall art can make such a different to the comfort and effect of that nursery wall; helping to welcome and encourage anyone within the room. Anything that makes new mums and dads a little more relaxed and comfortable looking after their bundle of joy – can do wonders!

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Are you looking for nursery wall art for your little one so that you can make that nursery wall into something a little bit special for a new arrival?

If you are, then this is the product for you. This set of three posters have a simple yet effective theme for any nursery, and are colourful enough to add a splash of  something special to your walls, but not too colourful, so that they fit in with most themes that you might have for the new baby.

They have a number of phrases on them to welcome the little one into your family, and to share with them just how important they are to you now:

  • And so the adventure begins,
  • You are forever loved, and 
  • Oh the places you’ll go.

Full of love and encouragement for their entry into the world from your are their parent (s).

The poster backgrounds are white, with simples blues, pinks, yellows and reds added to that, they work with both boys and girls, as well as making sure they are suitable for anyone looking to bring up their little ones gender neutral too.

We love their simplicity, and this nursery wall art, because it comes as a set of three, will make it easy to style the whole room, from above the cot, to your changing table, you will be able to make the walls personalised for your new addition to the family.

If you are looking for a nursery wall art gift for a family member, or a friend, then these are unique, so they won’t see them on the high street, or anywhere else. Set yourself apart from everyone else buying them a gift because of this. Designed only for KiddyCharts, they won’t be hanging on too many other walls just yet!


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