Pretend play grocery store pack


This is a wonderful resource for setting up a pretend play grocery store: all you need to be a great store manager. Download it today!

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This is a great product for kids, and classrooms – an full 26-page pretend play grocery stock pack, or supermarket kit, that allows you to encourage the kids to be cashier, customer, and grocery store owner.

The set consists of a number of different printables that encourages your kids to play imaginatively as if they were running or visiting a store. Check out the gallery for images of some of the pages. The full pack contains both US Dollar and UK Pound currencies, and tools to help you fit the currency to the country that you are in.

The pretend play grocery store pack includes the following pages to help your children to set up the best shopping experience that they can:

  • Cover sheet,
  • Open and Closed signs for them to cut out,
  • Badges for them to create, including some black ones, alongside the cashier and store manager. You can decide what you put on the blank ones – maybe you want a bakery in store?
  • Section signs, including those from bread to meat – this should help you put different aisles in your store,
  • Daily inventory sheet,
  • Grocery shopping list,
  • Sale signs
  • Discount coupons,
  • Bar codes in both dollars and pounds, and
  • Loads of different currency notes.

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Imaginative play ideas: Grocery store play kit

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