Printable favor boxes: Blank and Valentines pillow boxes


Looking for a printable favor box? These are perfect. Grab a blank pillow box template alongside Valentines ones. Download now.

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Are you looking for some blank, and even some cute printable favor boxes? If you are, then you have come to the right place! If you join our premium Time to Pee membership, we’ve got these amazing favor boxes to give away to you for free. They are £3.95 if you aren’t a subscription member of the site. There is a blank template, alongside three designs for you to use for Valentines Day.

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Pillow box template: Make your own blank and Valentines day favors

There is a blank design that the kids can use and decorate how they choose. Or you can in fact! This works for any type of party, birthday gift, season or anniversary.

If you are looking for something a little more specific, alongside the blank printable favor boxes, we also have three designs specific to Valentine’s Day. These designs are:

  • Very cute little owl design, with the mantra Owl you need is Love
  • Monsters covering your favor box, with the words Little Monster Big Heart, which is a really lovely design for kids, and finally
  • A simple heart design for people that just like hearts!

There should be something for everyone here, don’t you agree?

If you aren’t sure how to use your favor boxes with your family or school how about:

  • Designing your own favor box with the blank template for any occasion. You can do it, or get the kids to go wild,
  • Pop some sweet treats into them and place on your kids pillows in the morning,
  • Put some love coupons into them, and give to your partner, or
  • Add tickets to them for your partner.

We hope that you like these – if you do, why not consider signing up for the subscription, when everything on the site becomes free! We have an annual (£49.95), and a monthly membership (£5.95).


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