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Giving children a certificate for the tooth fairy is an excellent way to reassure them that the tooth fairy will pay them for their lost tooth. These certificates are just as delightful as they are practical. The certificate can be combined with a small gift so that children are excited to lose their teeth – more information on how to use them can be found on our main site. This certificate is FREE to those that are members of our Time to Pee subscription which is £5.95 for a month. Otherwise, this is £3.95 – so why not join it and you get access to everything else in the shop too!

Tooth fairy certificates to print for your kids

Why not download it today and…

  • Help your kids to join the tooth fairy on her journey and find out how she finds which teeth to take, perhaps you can write a letter to help them learn while giving the kids the certificate,
  • Learn about the tooth fairy’s gift ideas and how to make losing teeth magical, and
  • Print out a handy door hanger to let your child’s friends know that they lost their tooth.

It’s no secret that some kids are scared of losing teeth. With this certificate, you can help to make the process less frightening and more fun.

Encourage your child to print out the door hanger too and place it on the door before they go to sleep – once morning comes, they’ll discover a colourful gift and an adorable little note left by the Tooth Fairy!

Combine with a sweet, but small, gift for a special night under the stars.

The certificate is free for those within the Time to Pee club, and helps children to deal with their fears by making tooth loss magical by helping them to believe in the existence of the kind, and caring tooth fairy.


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