Valentines scattergories game for kids and adults


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We love a game of scattergories – and this is a perfect one for Valentines day and beyond with its love theme. So why not join our premium site for free, and then you can download this amazing game without spending anything! Who wouldn’t want a Valentines scattergories game to play with the kids; works for now or in the future!

There are 10 categories focused on love and romance to think of items within, and two sheets to then think of relevant items with letters beginning with L-O-V-E and C-A-R-D.

This is, of course, in keeping with the traditional scattergories game that we all know and love.

Items that you have to think of include:

  • Something white, pink and red – focusing on the colors that are associated with love and relationships,
  • Naming a flower,
  • Something that you would do if you went on a date,
  • Your favourite candy or sweet,
  • Name a famous couple,
  • Romantic movie ideas for when you go out (or indeed stay in!),
  • Something soft – because cute and cuddliness is very important over valentines day, and finally
  • Ideas for popular romantic gifts to give to your partner. The traditional is chocolate of course, but what can you think of with the right starting letters?

This is a lovely addition to the entertainment for kids and adults around Valentines day. Scattergories for kids are fabulous at improving both problem solving skills, mental agility, and literacy. Lots to be working on. This is a good game for teenages too; and might work as a party game for them in particular.

Why not take a look at some of the other Valentines ideas that we have on the site? Don’t forget that you can sign up to the Premium site just by giving us your email, and 90% of our premium resources then become completely free for you to download.


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