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Are you planning on booing your neighbours? Then you need our You’ve been Booed printable. Download it from the shop today.

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Another Halloween treat for you in the shop today – we;ve got some fabulous You’ve been booed printables for you to print out and share with anyone that you Boo!

But what is You’ve been booed all about? We love this tradition, it such a fabulous and kind thing to do, and frankly we all need a little bit of cheering up from time to time.

What does You’ve been booed mean?

A traditional Halloween idea where you leave a lovely little treat on your neighbour’s doorstep, you can decide what the treat is. With the treat, you leave little notes (like these) to tell them they have been booed and to encourage them to carry it on. It’s a special Halloween tradition, and we think its fabulous.

It originally began in the US, but it is spreading. It starts in September and continues right the way to Halloween and beyond. If you aren’t sure what kinds of treats you can leave for your neighbours, why not check out a couple of the Halloween ideas that we have on KiddyCharts. We’ve got Monster Krispie Cakes and Ghost Pretzels that would be perfect treats for your neighbours. Perhaps you can even sneak a few before you pass them on as well?

There are four designs on this, and it only costs £5.95 to download now – alternatively, you can sign up to our Premium Time to Pee membership and get access to this and ALL THE SHOP completely free. We add at least 3-4 printables a month to our shop, and you will get them all free if you are a member. You decide the best way to get access to this product, but we would love you to join us all.

The best thing about it – we give 51%+ to charities as we are a social enterprise.


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