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We’ve got another amazing product for you for £3.95 or COMPLETELY FREE if you sign up for our premium site, and this doesn’t cost you anything at all, so why not? These are some You’ve been egged ideas and sign printable. For full details on this – check out the main site, and see how you can use it:

If you haven’t heard about You’ve been Egged before, so these You’ve been Egged Ideas are completed new to you – don’t worry – we will let you into the secret. It is a really simple idea to help spread a little joy at Easter and involve the local community with having a little bit of Easter fun.

Just print out the free sign that we have for you here, pop over to someone local that you know, and you want to give a few Easter goodies to. Leave whatever you would like for them at their house, perhaps hiding some goodies for them in the front garden, on the wall, or hanging them on the fence.

Do make sure that when you take part in You’ve been egged, you don’t damage people’s property as well. The idea is to spread a little happiness throughout the neighbourhood that you live in.

It has been a difficult time for some, so we are here to spread a little bit of Easter joy!

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Remember, we give 51%+ of our profit to charity, so why not give a little while you entertain those kids? Hope to see you again soon, and have fun with these You’ve been egged ideas this year!


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